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Why wait for the $30 trillion intergenerational transfer of wealth when you can help clients build their own future?


There are more than 5,000,000 wealth accumulators in tech, and billions of dollars in liquidity each year.


The average tech employee changes jobs every 2.5 years, and needs help managing the ongoing complexity of their equity compensation and human capital.


Build a successful practice addressing the needs of the modern workforce and make your value prop undeniable.

10x your value prop with .1x the hassle

Annual IRS Income Tax Revenue Paid via Estimates and at Filing

Avoid Surprise Tax Bills.

In 2021 alone taxpayers were on the hook to identify and pay over $762 billion of tax under withholding.

Trayecto is the only planning tool that dynamically projects tax under withholding.

Help clients make timely estimated tax payments, stay proactive, and say goodbye to tax under withholding penalties.

Better Allocate After-Tax Capital.

Since 2010 tech IPOs have created over $200 billion of new wealth for shareholders via new liquid market cap.

Support the countless shareholders who want to build their future post liquidity with streamlined guidance via a modern and intuitive tool.

Total Value of IPOs and Number of Tech IPOs

Why it matters

The future depends on those who build it.

Help clients navigate the complexity of modern work and life to understand the trade-offs implicit in life's decisions.

Unlock client creativity and inspire clarity for your client's path forward.

What members get


Case studies, resources, tutorials, workflow support, plus CFP® CE eligible Equity Comp Master Class


Collaborate and learn with forward thinking advisors who are passionate about doing world class work for their clients


Streamline equity comp analysis and model decisions like option exercise or liquidity events with dynamic tax projections that identify tax under withholding

What our members say about Trayecto

“Any advisor seeking to level up their equity comp knowledge needs to enroll in the Equity Comp Masterclass with Russell. The information and advisor connection will be priceless when it comes to serving the startup community.”

Mike Troxell, CPA

Founder of Modern Financial Planning

“Developing a thorough and interactive equity compensation analysis in spreadsheets is difficult and time consuming. Trayecto is unlike any software available. It captures all the relevant information and the analysis helps answer real life questions. Most importantly, the UI is great. Very user-friendly and easy to switch between seeing the high-level picture vs. digging into the details.”

Youxi Liu CPA/PFS, CFP®

Director of Tax at Upstart Wealth

“If you are serious about becoming an equity comp expert and want to better serve your clients who have equity compensation, this class is a must. After taking the course, I feel like I went from good to great in regards to equity comp planning and have 10x more confidence now in dealing with the complexity of equity compensation.”

Eric Rodriguez, CFP®

Founder of WealthBuilders, LLC

“With proper planning, equity compensation can change a family’s financial trajectory for generations to follow. Having Trayecto to model liquidity events is a game changer for helping clients and my value proposition.”

Samuel Deane

Founder of Deane Wealth Management

“We signed an enterprise deal with Trayecto because of the value-add it unlocked for our tech clients, and now we’re much much better positioned to grow with the tech community.”

Rianka R. Dorsainvil CFP®

Co-CEO of 2050 Wealth Partners

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